After your Wix Referral Program affiliates have sent you sales and you are ready to pay out their commission to them, you have a few options as shown below.

OSI Affiliate software lets you pay your affiliates directly from your admin page via PayPal. For this to work, make sure that your registration page requires a PayPal email address. To customize your affiliate sign-up page, please click on this link:

How to setup/customize the affiliate Sign-Up page

Once you have set up your affiliate sign-up page and your affiliates start generating commissions, follow the steps below to pay them via PayPal:

Step 1. Go to the Rewards section on your admin dashboard.

Step 2. Click on Manage Invoices and click on the Search Invoices button. By doing this, it will prevent you from paying on Closed invoices.

Step 3. Select Unpaid for the Payment status and click on Search.

Step 4. You will be taken back to the list of invoices that are still Open. 

Scenario 1 - Pay individual invoices

Step 4.1.1. Click on the blue pencil icon to view the invoice

Step 4.1.2. Shift-Click on Pay using Paypal button.

Step 4.1.3.  You will be redirected to either login to your PayPal account or pay using your debit or credit card. After making a payment go back to your admin page and click Mark as paid button

Scenario 2 - PayPal Mass Payment
Note: To pay using the Paypal mass payment feature, you need to contact Paypal to see if they can enable this feature for your Paypal account.

Step 4.2.1. You have the option to select all invoices by clicking on the header checkbox, or check the box for individual invoices.

Step 4.2.2. Scroll down and select Create Paypal Mass Payment File and click Go. This will download a text file that you can use to upload on PayPal.

Step 4.2.3. After uploading the text file in PayPal, select Mark as Paid from the drop-down menu and click Go. This will close out all invoices that you just paid.

Once an invoice is closed, all futures commissions will generate a new open invoice.