“Get More WordPress Sales And Traffic”

After your WordPress Referral Program affiliates have sent you sales and you are ready to pay out their commission to them, you have a few options as shown below.

1. To View the commissions owed, go to Reward  -> View Invoices as shown here:

2. You will now see a list of all your invoices which include the affiliates name and email and their payout amount under Manage Invoices

3. To pay affiliates, you have a few options. If they have provided you with a Paypal email you can pay them via Paypal by selecting the  ones you want to pay and then exporting them to a Paypal mass payment file as shown below.
Note: To pay using the Paypal mass payment feature, you need to contact Paypal to see if they can enable this feature for your Paypal account.

4. After you save your file you can proceed to Paypal to pay. When you go to send money, if you have the Mass pay feature enabled, you will see that option when you go to send money shown above.

5. Alternatively, if you do not pay the affiliates through the Paypal Mass payment option, you can pay them via Paypal individually one by one or you can pay your affiliates any other way you decide such as sending them a check, gift card or any other way you decide.

6. After you have paid your selected affiliates, it is very important that you mark the invoices as paid, so that it records that you have paid them and the date you apid them and it closes the invoices out.


7. Once you have marked the selected invoices as paid, all future sales for these affiliates will automatically get added to a new invoice.