“Get More Ecwid Sales And Traffic”

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the World, so there is a good chance that your customers frequent the social network and do consistent posts. What if they could refer their followers to your products or services when they post? This can be easily done with Omnistar Tell Affiliate software using our promo code tracking feature. With this feature, you will be able to assign a unique promo code to any of your Ecwid Referral Program Affiliates so that if they reference the code on Instagram and someone uses the code, not only will the customer get a discount, but the referring Ecwid Referral Program affiliate will get credit for the referred sale. To set this up with Omnistar Tell Affiliate Software, please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Create a promo code in your Shopping cart System

Step 2. From the Admin Dashboard, go to "Referral Programs".


Step 3. Under "Promotional Settings", click the button saying "Promo Code Tracking".

Step 4. In the following page, click "Add Promo Code Tracking".

Step 5. Type the Coupon Code that you created in your shopping cart, select the corresponding user and the referral program:

Step 6. Now that you have added the coupon code, you will need to make an update to the sales tracking code that you added to your order confirmation page. Before you update this code on the confirmation page, you will need to find out from your shopping cart provider, what is the variable name for the promo code and can that be referenced on the thank you page. If the provide this, you will need to add this to the section of your sales tracking code that is shown below:

/PromoCode:%%name of coupon variable%%

Step 7. Inform your affiliates that they can use the promo code that you just created on Instagram as shown below so that if anyone uses the code, they will get a discount and the affiliate will get credit for the referred sale.