“Get More Ecwid Sales And Traffic”

Using OSI Affiliate Sales Commission invoices is Easy as shown from the above video. Here's how it works:


1. When a Ecwid Referral Program affiliate refers a sale to you from their affiliate link the sale gets tracked and recorded by our system and an invoice gets opened up and the sale gets added to it. 

To view sales you can go to your admin area and click View Reports -> View Sales

To view invoices you can go to your admin area and click View Reports -> View Invoices

2. As other sales come through from that Ecwid Referral Program affiliate, the sales will get added to the same invoice as long as the invoice is open. When you close the invoice, if other sales come through, another invoice will be created and all subsequent sales will get added to it.

3. When you go to view invoices, you can mark them as Needs to be paid, Has been paid or Closed. This will help with your organization.

4. We also allow you to setup a minimum payout which will automatically close an invoice once the payout hits a certain amount. For example if you want to pay affiliates whenever their payout hits $500 you can set the minimum payout to $500. To set the minimum payout, go to your admin area, click on Settings and then scroll down and click to view advanced settings. You will then see the minimum payout field.