“Get More Ecwid Sales And Traffic”

Omnistar Tell Software offers the ability to easily and automatically track recurring sales when they are sent from your Ecwid Referral Program affiliate users. Please follow our instructions below to see how to setup the automatic tracking recurring sales.  If you are using a subscription system such as Stripe to automatically charge your customers on a recurring basis, do not follow the instructions below, however you should follow our Stripe integration instructions instead.

1. From the Admin Dashboard, click on "Referral Programs".

2. Under "Manage Referral Programs", click the "Edit" icon across the specific Referral Program.

3. Click "Show Advanced Settings".

4. Select "Yes" next to the option saying "Do you want to setup recurring commission" and set your Recurring commission amount and time frame.  You can select to have the commissions added Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually and Annually and click "Continue".

Note: The match email option is only for Stripe users.


5. Now that you have enabled the recurring sales, whenever you get a referred sale, the system will be set to automatically add a recurring sale based on the time frame you selected. The next recurring date will be shown in the detail of the sale as shown below.

6. If you ever need to pause, cancel or manage a recurring transaction you can go to the Manage Recurring Sales section shown here:

After following these steps you should now be all setup to automatically track recurring sales that are referred from affiliates.