“Get More WooCommerce Sales And Traffic”

Underneath is one of our clients site and they have created whole affiliate program navigation system, by using our integration option they integrated the signup form of their WooCommerce Referral Program into their website instead of using our linked signup page. They did this because they wanted to have the whole sign up experience integrated within their WooCommerce store. We have this capability as well for you within the program and you can do that by following simple steps below.

Step 1. You need to login to your Admin control panel and click "Settings" and on the right Click on "Show Advanced Settings"

Step 2. At this page scroll down and you will see Integrate registration form into your existing website in this click on  "Learn More".

Step 3. It will Take you to next page where it says Integrate with Website and down there you will see different optional buttons First Click at "integrated Affiliate Sign Up page with my Web Site".

Step 4. Now you are at Manage Sign Up Form Pages. Now click "Create New Form".

Step 5. Here you need to Fill up required fields and Click "Add".

Step 6. After Adding you will Get a snippet of Code which will look like this and you can simply integrate it into any page of your website.

Step 7. This time you need to select "Integrate Login Page with My Website" and with rest of the processes remains the same.

Step 8. Once you click on "Integrate Login Page with My Website"  you will get a new page in this Click on"Create New Page"

Step 9.  Under Add Login Page enter the Page Name and If your affiliate users enters the wrong login information then forward them to this page: and then click on "Add"

Step 10. After Clicking Add button you will again get snippet of code for your login page, which you can easily integrate to your website.