FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) uses Social Proof to increase conversions on your website by showing whatever’s happening. It displays recent orders, product reviews, and a variety of other customer behaviors. Indirectly Fomo is the online equivalent of a busy store. Fomo requires none of HTML/CSS, you literally click a few buttons and boom, conversions increase. What's important, it doesn't slow down your site. Fomo helped 5,000+ companies and happy customers list goes on. Fomo integrates with Zapier, Mailchimp, Delighted, and 100s of other favorite apps.

Step 1. Login to your Fomo account & copy Auth Token.

Step 2. Now click “EMBED CODE?” button shown in the above screenshot and copy code. Paste this code to your website where you want to show the signup notifications.

Note: “USER SIGNUP” template at Fomo should be active.

Step 3. Login to your Omnistar Tell software & go to 3rd party integrations.

Step 4. Click Fomo Integration.

Step 5. Paste copied Auth Token in the text box and click Submit.

Now new signup on your Omnistar Tell Software would be shown as signup notification at your website.