Your Mailing List Provide (YMLP) claims your best mailing list solution. With their handy web app, you can send your email newsletters. Zero installations or maintenance with an easy access via web browser. With an easy email newsletter builder, you get 30 free sample templates. YMLP’s mail servers are fast & got outstanding delivery. One of biggest attractions is their price and they allow you to import a list without the subscribers having to confirm. 15 years of online and 500,000+ users in 100+ countries.

Step 1. Login to your YMLP account & note down your API Key and preferred Group ID.

You will find API Key here. And remember to tick "Enable API Access".

Step 2. Go to you YMLP Dashboard and hover over the mouse on contact icon or click it, Group ID is at the end of URL i.e here Group ID is 2

Step 3. Login to your Omnistar Tell software & go to 3rd party integrations.

Step 4. Click YMLP Integration.

Step 5. Put your YMLP Username and noted down API Key & Group ID. And click submit.

Now new signup on your Omnistar Tell Software would be added to YMLP contacts.