Omnistar Tell Software can easily be integrated into a Wix Online Store following the directions below.  When setting up an referral program for your Wix Online store you will be able to reward your affiliates a fixed amount of money for each referred sale, a gift card such as an Amazon gift card or any gift item. If you would like to reward your affiliate a percentage of the order total, you will need to add the Ecwid Store App to your Wix account and upgrade to at lease the basic plan of the Ecwid Store and follow our Wix Ecwid Store App Instructions.

Step 1. Setup you referral program for your Wix Store within your Omnistar Tell Admin area. Go to Campaigns.

Step 2.  Add your referral Campaign.

Step 3. Add the details of your referral program as shown below and select to reward your affiliates a fixed amount or with something other than money.

Step 4. Add your landing page URL or select the coupon page option and click Finish to save your program settings.

Step 5. Now that you have setup your referral program for your Wix store, you will need to add our Wix sales tracking code to your Wix Store Thank you page. From your Wix site editor, click on pages and drop down to "Shop" and click on "Store Pages".

Step 6. From the Store Pages list, select "Thank You Page".

Step 7. Select the Plus symbol from the left widget navigation, scroll down to click More and then click the HTML Code tool.

Step 8. Drag the HTML code tool over to the Thank you page.

Step 9. Click the "Enter Code" button to enter our code shown below.

Step 10: Add our Wix Sales Tracking code shown below.

<img src="" alt="" width="1" height="1" />

Note: Where it says, you will need to replace that with your actual Omnistar domain.

Step 11. Click Update and then save your changes and Publish

You are now ready to start tracking referred sales to your Wix Online Store.