AbleCommerce, founded in 1994, is fully featured strong, stable and secure ecommerce shopping cart solution for your store with Headquarter in Washington, Able Solutions is parent company which is a leading provider of complete ecommerce solutions. Infact it’s one of the 1st commercial shopping cart sold on the internet. With an experience of 20 Years, AbleCommerce is providing worldwide solutions to existing merchants, start-ups and small to enterprise level business. It’s one of the very few softwares that is PA-DSS 3.1 certified by the Visa/MC. AbleCommerce is leading software for developers due to it’s ease of customization, code quality and comprehensive APIs.

Step 1. Go to your Omnistar Tell Software “Landing And Thankyou Page” and copy code.

Step 2. Login to your AbleCommerce. Create new file “OmniStarWidget.ascx” at ConLib\Custom & paste copied code. 

Go to Administration -> Website -> Content and Layout. Find RecieptPage and edit.

Change this code 

[[ConLib:Custom/ReceiptPage HandleFailedPayments="true"]]  

to this