Image shown below is our Client's website(, they have integrated the Signup Form into their website instead of using a linked signup page. They did this because they wanted to have the whole sign up experience integrated within their site.

1. From the Dashboard, click "Campaigns"

2. Under "Manage Marketing Tools", click the button "Add Social Share Widget"

3. Click on the link saying "Learn More" under Other Integration Options

4. In the next page, click "Integrated Affiliate Sign Up page with my Web Site"

5. Under Manage Sign Up Form Pages, click "Create New Form"

6. Fill up the required fields and click "Add"

7. In next page, you will get a snippet of Code as shown below. You can simply integrate it into any page of your website.

8. Now to generate the code for the affiliate login option, go back to "Manage Marketing Tools" and click "Add social Share Widget"

9. In the following page, click the link saying "Learn More"

10. This time, click on "Integrate Login Page with My Website" and repeat the steps from Step5 to Step7

11. After Clicking "Add" button, you will get the snippet of code for your login page, which you can easily integrate to your website.