The landing page for your affiliate program is your web site home page, however, you can have it to any page of your site which could be  a specific product or category page or any page of your web site.  This is known as deep linking. To set this up, please follow the instructions below:

If you want your affiliates to link to any product or category page, you first need to make sure our landing page code is on all product and category pages. This can be easily done by adding our landing page code to the product and category template files that are used to control the layout for these pages. Most shopping carts have one controlling file for these pages.


1. From the Dashboard, click on "Setup"

2. Under "Settings", click on "Show Advance settings"

3: Enable the option saying "Allow Deep-Linking" and click "Update"

4:  Now get back to Dashboard and click "Users"

5:  Click the "Edit" button across any User you want to check

6: Now click the link "Login as User" at the top

7:  Now you will see an extra Link Building icon added as shown below, Please put your page/product link and click "Add Link"

8: This is all your affiliates need to do in order to deep link to any page of your site.