It is now currently possible to have your Shopify store customers automatically registered for your referral program as soon as they purchase from your Shopify store. To enable this feature, please follow the steps below:

1. Login to your software admin control panel.

2. Go to Settings -> Get Landing/ Thank You Page Code

3. Under Step 2 Once you select the corresponding instructions for your shopping cart, you will see the thank you page code that you will need to add to the thank you page of your shopping cart.

4. In the middle of the code you will see a section of code as shown below which represents the variable that you need to use from Shopify that stores the Email Address. For Shopify the Variable name is {{}}. So in the code below replace the current variable shown with {{}} along with the corresponding ID for the affiliate program that you you want your customers to join. To get the ID for the program, go to the Manage Referral Program section shown below and see the id in front of the program shown here:

** So once you get the ID, your variable along with the ID should be added do the code like this: {{}}:329

5. This code will need to be replaced in your Shopify store now. 

6. From the Admin section of Shopify shown below, click Settings:


7. Then click on Checkout:

8. Now scroll down to the "Additional Content and Scripts" section and add the email variable

 **So for example, the link in the code prior to the change should look similar to this:{{total_price|money_without_currency}}/transaction:{{order.order_number}}/Email:Add_Email

after you make the change it should look similar to this:{{total_price|money_without_currency}}/transaction:{{order.order_number}}/Email:{{}}:329

NOTICE: Where we had "Add_Email" it is now "{{}}:329". Keep in mind the 329 is your referral program ID.

9. Now that you have updated the variable and clicked to save your changes, you are all set to have every Shopify customer that purchases from your store automatically signed up as a referral partner.

10. When customers order and they get registered as a partner and they will receive a welcome email that will include their referral link and link to login to their dashboard. To edit this email login to the Omnistar Tell software admin control panel and click Settings.


11. Now click the "Manage System Email" button:


12. To edit the Auto Sign up email, click the User Welcome Email (Auto Sign up) link:


You are now set to have all your customers that purchase your products automatically enrolled into your customer referral program.

If you need any assistance in setting up this optional feature, please email

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