If you have a list of email addresses and you would like to register them for your referral program and send them an email with their referral link and access to their affiliate dashboard, please follow the instructions below:

1. Create the referral program that you would like to give this new users access to:

2. After you have added the program, then add all the email addresses of the users you want to add into a CSV file using Excel. In the file have a column called "Email" for all their email addresses and a column called "Referral Program" for the  name of the referral program that you want to give them access to as shown below:


3. Once you have added all the emails to the file and updated it with the name of the referral program for the users, save the file as Windows Comma Separated (.csv) format shown here:


4. Now Go to the affiliate import section of your admin control panel by going to Manage Users -> Import Users:


5. Browse in your newly saved CSV file that has the list of emails and referral programs:


6.  Map the fields of the file with the email field and referral program field and click "Import Records Now":


7.  Now that all these new users have been added, the next steps will show you how to export these new users along with their referral links and links to login to their user dashboard so that you can import this into your mailing list program such as Mailchimp which will be described in our instructions. Start by going to Manage users -> Search Users:


8. On the search users page select the referral program that you want to export the users from. These should be the users that you just imported.


9. Click search to display the results of the search and then at the bottom of the results, click "Download All From Search" and then click "Go"


10. Your newly exported file should now contain the referral partners email address, their referral link and link to login to their dashboard as shown below:


11. The next step will be to import these users into your mailing list program. Simply take your exported file that shown above and map the Referral Program Link and Auto Login link fields with the fields in your email list and then send out accordingly with your desired email mailing list program.