To start marketing your referral program so that you can attract affiliates to join your referral program and start promoting your Bigcommerce store try the following strategies:

  1. Advertise your referral program to your current customers. Communicate with your current customers either via email, social networks, blog, etc. Your current customers know your products or services and they are already loyal to you so they will be your best referral partners and it is a good idea to get them to promote you. Plus, who does not want to earn money on the side?
  2. Submit to affiliate and referral directories. You can search online and try and find directories to submit your referral program to. There are many affiliate referral directories online so you can find the best directories that suit your business. 
  3. Advertise your referral program on your site. Add a link to your site for partners or affiliates and advertise your referral program on your site. This is a great strategy to recruit affiliates. If you look at most websites online today you will find that they have a partner's link on the navigation or footer.
  4. Another great strategy is to approach bloggers. You can find bloggers in your industry that target the same audience as your business and you can let them know that you will pay them a commission for all the sales they send to your site. When they agree simply give them an affiliate link or give them access to their own affiliate control panel and they will be able to keep track of all the sales they send you.
  5. You can also use offline marketing strategies to recruit referral partners. For example, if you are at networking events and people are interested in you or your products you can direct them to your referral program. Just describe for them how to get to your site where they can find more information and learn how to join.
  6. How about paid advertising? If you have the money and resources then you can pay to get your ad either on tv, radio, or online and direct interested referral partners to your sign up form.

Those are some of the many strategies you can use to promote your Bigcommerce store referral program. If you would like to see some that we have not included in this list please send us an email and we will add it.



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