To market your Shopify Store referral software, try these strategies:

  1. Advertise your referral program to your current customers and try to recruit your current customers to join your referral program. The benefits of recruiting your current customers are: (a) they are already loyal to you and your product so they believe in it (b) you already have their emails and phone numbers so you can contact them and inform them about your awesome affiliate program (c) who doesn't want to earn money on the side.
  2. Advertise your referral program on various places of your website like the order confirmation page, and a designated landing page. Make sure to have links on your website where your referral program stands out so that your customers and website visitors know you have an referral program and they can easily sign up.
  3. Make sure your referral program is attractive. If you are serious about attracting top partners, offer a good commission amount. Do not pay a commission of $1 for $100 products. Most of the top referral programs online offer a commission between 30% and 75%.
  4. Offer top prizes for your top referral partners. To motivate your partners you can offer them prizes for the top partners who bring in sales that meet your referral program goals.
  5. Advertise your affiliate program in online affiliate directories. 
  6. Approach bloggers in your industry who target the same audience as your business and give them links and banners and pay them commission for all the successful sales they send your way.
  7. If you have the resources you can pay to advertise your referral program in tv, radio, online, etc.
  8. Don't just focus online, you can send offline contacts to your referral program sign up page. A good example of this is when you are in networking events.
  9. Partner with other companies in your industry and give them links and pay them for the sales they send you.
  10. Do webinars and seminars to advertise your referral program and show potential recruits how easy it is to use your referral program and earn money on the side.
  11. Advertise it on your blog.
  12. Have a multi-tier referral program. This will help you recruit more referral partners because these partners will be motivated to recruit other partners to join the program because they will earn more.

These are some of the strategies you can use to market your referral program. If you have one that we did not include in this list you an send us an email and we can add it. Remember, once you get your program going and recruit referral partners, the program will just operate in cruise control.

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